Friday, May 22, 2015

Scotland, UK!

Hey awesome people! So this is the second last (I promise) of my travelling posts for now. The last leg of the Euro trip was spent with my family in Scotland.
When I told my friend Hodh that I was in Scotland, the first thing she asked was, 'Have you seen sheep and the legendary rolling hills?'. Indeed, they were everywhere.. ok not everywhere but plenty in the countryside. We travelled from Ireland to Scotland by ferry. Two hours later, we arrived at the west coast and drove right across to the east coast, where my family resides. It was a beautiful day for a drive and four or so hours later, we were home. Just a few pictures......

{Leaderfoot/ Drygrange railway Viaduct}
{Outside church}
{Beautiful wild daffodils}
{View from the Scottish Borders}
{Biking with hubby and dad- the best way to tour the country}
{At the Scotland- England border}
{View from the Scotland- England border}
Have an awesome weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Newry, Northern Ireland, UK!

Apologies for the delay on putting up this post. I kind of lost the pictures but I got a few back. I attended my sister-in-law's wedding in Newry, Northern Ireland a little over a month ago.

This was the first time I wore heels since I fractured my foot last October. Just a few pictures on my outfit. I chose this colour palette as it complemented hubby's Scottish kilt to the T!
Have a blessed Monday!

~ Dreams don't work unless you do!~
Blazer- H&M | Dress and Heels -Dorothy Perkins | Purse- Next

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden!

Hey guys! I am currently writing this post from my bed. Oh yes, the joys of being on leave! Its been amazing having a week off after 1 and a half months of travelling back to back! I normally don't travel as often but for some reason, most of my work and holiday trips got caught up between mid March and beginning of May.

Anyway, now you know why I have been very quite. So hubby and I visited my aunt and cousins in Stockholm at the end of March for a few days. I took very few pictures as I seriously went into hibernation. No jokes. During our stay, the temperature ranged between -2° to 4° C, then to top that off, I was extremely exhausted from my work trips. So I slept and ate and enjoyed the comfort of central heating. Tomorrow, I'll share a few pictures from our trip to Ireland...

{The view from my room}
{The swan search begins}
{Distracted by the lopsided bridge}
{Feeling daring- Apparently, swans are known to break people's legs when they feel threatened!}
{Stunning elegance}
Wearing: Denim Jacket- Toi | Sweatshirt & Jeans- Store in Istanbul | Scarf-Store in Ethiopia | Flats- Zara | Thrifted Sling Bag- Polo by Ralph Lauren

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers: All White for Peace in Kenya!

Hey guys. Today's post is in collaboration with my fellow Kenyan fashion bloggers. This post is very dear to us all as we chose to dedicate this post to the families, friends and loved ones affected by the Garissa killings earlier on in the month.
We chose an all white ensemble because we all stand for peace!

 Gabrielle {Tribe of Chic}
 Michelle {Elenee}
 Ms. Kibati {Ms. Kibati}
 Mumbi {Mumbi Shokey}
 Silvia {Style By Silvia}
 And me. Hubby took some pictures and there were some that I was smiling in. But for some reason, I selected this specific one for this post because it is a true reflection of how I feel about the Garissa (and other) attacks. I am pained. My condolences to all those affected.

I pray for Kenya, where we are united and not divided based on our social differences. May we reach within to stand for those things without which humankind cannot survive; love that conquers hate, peace that rises triumphant over war, and justice that proves more powerful than greed. May we also never forget the ones we lost. #147NotJustANumber

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pretoria & Cape Town, South Africa!

Hey guys, well still on the travel note, I was in SA two weeks ago for work. I was extremely busy but I managed to take a few pictures. I stayed at the beautiful Courtyard hotel Arcadia, in Pretoria for a couple of nights. I really loved its rustic feel plus its interesting that the house is over 100 years old! I was also in Johannesburg and later on went to Cape Town (Muizenberg) for the day (Literally just 10 hours!! I really wanted to stay longer). Anyway, I hope to go back soon. Just, a few pictures...
Tee- Kangemi Market | Jeans- Turkey | Sunnies & Ring- Mr. Price Kenya | RI Watch- Gifted | Flats- Woolworths Kenya | Bag- Sandstorm Kenya
Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Visit District 6 Museum for a historical context of forced removals in Cape Town {or any other historical/ cultural site}
2. Enjoy their local cuisine {E.g. Biltong or if your luck enough, go for a braai}
3. Shop in the local markets {For xhosa jewellery etc.}
4. Shop at major malls e.g. Menlyn Park in Pretoria or Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg
5. Buy a souvenir! {E.g. fridge magnets, masks, postcards etc.}

Have a productive week ahead!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kigali, Rwanda!

Hey guys. Its definitely been a travel-filled month for me. I was in Kigali for two days after my Addis trip. Kigali is hilly with beautiful views all around and is also sparkling clean! I managed to go to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which I highly recommend for anyone visiting the town. 

'It is imperative to understand the historical context of a people in order to understand their culture'
One of the most amazing places I visited was the Inema Arts Centre. I am a big art enthusiast and I fell right at home when I was there. Emmanuel, one of the founding brothers, took me through the history of the centre and I was particularly impressed by the assistance they give to orphans through nurturing and developing their art skills.
All you need is LOVE.
Oozing regality
Jacket- Jadia Creations | Jeans- Oxxo in Turkey | Flats- Woolworths | White Tee- Toi Market
 Eye see me
Hand woven earrings.

Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Visit the Kigali Memorial Centre {or any other historical/ cultural site}
2. Enjoy their local cuisine {E.g. Gisangani}
3. Shop in the local markets {For traditional hut-shaped baskets, earrings etc.}
4. Enjoy Kigali night life at e.g. KGL which has a very lively live band.
5. Buy a souvenir! {E.g. baskets, masks, postcards etc.}

Have a productive week ahead!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

Hey guys! Been busy travelling hence my silence. I recently visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for work , which was exciting as I have always wanted to visit this beautiful country. 
 I stayed at the lovely Saro-Maria Hotel, which is conveniently 10 minutes away from the airport. I was caught up with work but managed to meet a few friends and visit the museum while I was there. Just a few pictures.

The famous Lucy
Stunning pencil portraits of the early man.
 Traditional ornaments.
 Lion of Judah
 Regal accessories
 The first car in Ethiopia. 
 With the 1936 Time magazine 'Man of the Year'- Haile Selassie
Wearing: African Peplum- Afro Moda | White blouse & Jeans- Toi Market | Bag- SandStorm Kenya | Ring- Mr. Price | RI Watch- Gifted
For all coffee lovers out there, you have to buy Ethiopian coffee! 
Delectable treats....
I love collecting postcards whenever I travel and I love those that portray women doing everyday activities. The one below was my favourite. 
Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Visit the National Museum, Entoto Hill {or any other historical/ cultural site}
2. Enjoy their local cuisine {Wat with injera etc.}
3. Shop in the local markets {For traditional woven cotton fabrics, outfits, scarves etc.}
4. Visit a coffee house and get to sample different varieties of coffee.
5. Buy a souvenir! {E.g. fridge magnets, postcards etc.}

Have a productive week ahead!