Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Travel Essentials: Carryon Luggage!

Pictures by Danny Skech

 Happy 2015 guys! First of all, I would like to thank you immensely for your support throughout 2014. We have been working on creating more stylish but meaningful content for you this year and we are excited to be sharing more in the coming posts!
Anyway, I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey for work and as I was planning my trip, I thought to dedicate a post on my travel essentials for carry-on luggage. I have slowly learnt to perfect and edit (yes, every extra kilo counts) my essentials and I sincerely hope that this post can be helpful to anyone planning to travel soon.
                                            {Passport}- Obviously the most vital document.
                                            {Notebook}- Idea or thought book.
                                            {Planner}- To plan your schedule with precise organization.
                                            {Novel}- I am absolutely obsessed with African literature and this book                                                                 will definitely keep me busy during the flight. 
                                              {Camera}- To document your travels.
                                              {Earphone & Plug Case}- To store your plane gadgets for the sake of                                                                                                organization.
                                              {Earphones}- Noise cancellation earphones are the best but really, any                                                                          pair can do.
                                              {Ear Plugs}- These come in handy when you're trying to sleep and need                                                                     to block external noise.
                                              {Ipod}- Music for the soul.
                                                 {Watch & Zip-lock Bags}- A zip-lock bag comes in handy especially                                                                                                with the stern security requirements                                                                                                          associated with carry-on luggage. You can                                                                                                use it to store jewellery before boarding the                                                                                              plane or any liquid that can easily pour.
                                                 {Candies}- They come in handy during take-off and landing to                                                                                 prevent pain caused by ear pressure from change in                                                                                 altitude.
                                                  {Mints}- Everybody NEEDS mints.
                                                  {Energy Candies}- These are handy when you need that quick pick-                                                                                       me-up.
                                                        {Toilet Bag}- Most airlines require you to have a transparent bag                                                                                  filled with your less than 100ml liquids per bottle. I                                                                                usually store my transparent bag in this toilet bag                                  just to avoid spillage.
                                                       {WazaWazi Wallet}- To store your monies and other documents,                                      cards etc.
                                                        {Socks}- They seriously come to the rescue since planes get very                                              cold. A scarf comes in very handy too.
Flat shoes are great for comfort and who says flat has to be boring? Furthermore, loose clothing is ideal especially for long flights. 
 Coat- Thrifted for 300/- Kangemi | Loose Tee- Mr. Price | Jeggings- Vivo Activewear | Shoes- ASOS | Earring- Jewels By Angeline | Leather Bag- Sandstorm Kenya
 Have a stylish week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One more for the road!

 Another year gone guys! This is just a post on  what I have been up to lately. So my cast boot was finally removed and I am back to walking as usual! Well almost.... with the help of one crutch! Anyway, this is what I have been up to lately...
 Studio time with Dan
Ted Baker Dress {worn as a top}- Toi Market | Skirt- ATIAT | Ring- Mr. Price | Watch- Gifted | Bag- Luscious Trendz
 Attended a friends wedding and this was the décor along the aisle. Congratulations Den Dulks!
December chilling. More pics on my Instagram. Pweeeez follow me {@threadmuse}
 Calla Lilies during a trip to a farm in Limuru.
 Love the African inspired décor during a Sunday brunch at The Tribe! Ideas........
Blessed 2015 to you and your loved ones!

Monday, November 17, 2014


 Hello guys! I've really missed being here! Well I am still home recovering from my fractured foot... 3 more weeks to go! Anyway, these are just a few pictures of what I have been up to lately....
I worked with my longtime friend Dan for a few portrait shots he was working on. He's an amazing photographer and videographer!
Was out on Friday for dinner to celebrate my girl Ida's birthday! Ida with the beautiful kitenge blazer with Kui below..
 Mrs. Den Dulk..
Yummy salmon pancakes with an orange sauce
 Pork wrapped up in bacon...
Have a blessed week ahead and please support the #MyDressMyChoice campaign follow the recent public stripping events that have affected many women in Kenya. Granted that decency is appreciated, all women should be allowed to wear what they are comfortable in. These abusers need to be prosecuted! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kampala, Uganda!

Hey guys! Hope all is well with you. Sorry I have been MIA. Todays post will give an explanation as to why I have been very quiet. I recently travelled to Uganda for work and I was really excited to be in the beautiful city of Kampala. Unfortunately, my trip got cut short...........
 View of Lake Victoria from above. #KQMoments
 We stayed at the beautiful Speke Resort in Munyonyo
Loved the immaculate stone detail on the side of their buildings.
 So I tripped on the staircase and fractured my foot. It was so painful and worse since I heard my bone fracture as I fell. Yikes! But there were a few happy moments like meeting Hon. Kaimenyi and asking him about the future of education in Kenya...
 I had to therefore cut my trip short and come back home. Despite the accident and the uncomfortable flight back, I was still excited to see these African paintings at JKIA arrival terminal.
Blessed Monday to you all!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pita Bread, Fried Mince & Veg Sandwiches!

Hey guys, do you have moments when you are in too much of a rush to make a proper meal? Happens to me all the time. On such days, I make my quick fixes such as this sandwich.
It literally took me 10 minutes to prep and another 15 minutes to fry the vegetables and the garlic mince. The ingredients for the stuffing included;
      * Baby Corn
          * Green Pepper
* Carrots
* Onions
    * Courgette
* Garlic
Interestingly enough, I was planning to use some mayonnaise for the cream topping, but unfortunately, I had run out and so as I was preparing to use some natural yoghurt, I actually discovered some left over sour cream cheese in my fridge. It turned out so gooood! I made some fresh mint and pineapple juice served in a mason jar to accompany the sandwich. The ingredients for the cream topping included;
                                                                         * Cream cheese
                                                                         * Onions
                                                                         * Celery
                                                                         * Corriander
Have a blessed Friday and an awesome weekend ahead!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Print on Print: Stripes & Floral!

Hello darlings! Todays post features the outfit I wore for the first Blogger Styling challenge were we featured the Print on Print trend. I love wearing mixed prints and there are so many ways of wearing this trend as seen in the challenge post. This challenge was an exciting way to bring all these beautiful bloggers together and inspire people from our different style perspectives. Thank you for reading & have a lovely Wednesday! 
Pictures by PikchaGUY
Earrings- Town Hawker | Necklace- Kung'ara | Top & Skirt- Toi Market | Slingback Heels - Backyard Shoes | Bag- Tony | Lips- MAC Ruby Woo | Makeup by Wacuka Thimba

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Series: Print on Print!

Happy Monday guys! Todays feature is one that I am super stoked about. The intrinsic nature of fashion blogs are to inspire other people on the various trends and outfit ideas. A group of beautiful Kenyan fashion bloggers came together to do exactly that. To inspire. The group challenge was how to style Print on Print. I hope you get inspired by our various individual styles.

Anita Gaitho of Style Sketches
 Anita Mogere of From Curves With Love
Ciku Kibati of Ms Kibati
 Gabrielle Mwangi of Tribe of Chic
 Joy Kendi of Our Style Kenya
 Lucia Musau of The Kenyan Fashionado
 Maureen Bandari of The Funshion Mistress
Me..................... :-)
 Vonette Orinda of The Vonette Way
 Winnie Awino of Winnie the Fashionista